Keyring integration

Some git-ubuntu subcommands (eg. git-ubuntu submit) require authenticated access to the Launchpad API. The first time you do this, you will be prompted to authenticate in a web browser. If successful, the authenticated API key will then be saved in your local keyring. You may be prompted for a password. This password is used to encrypt your local keyring. If you don’t yet have a local keyring, the password you provide will be used to encrypt it. If you already have a local keyring, the password you provide is the one required to decrypt it.

See Configure keyring to use plaintext storage for instructions on configuring keyring to use plaintext password storage instead, to avoid getting keyring password prompts.

Implementation details

git-ubuntu simply uses launchpadlib for Launchpad API access. This library in turn uses the Python keyring package for credential storage which is quite configurable. If you see a password prompt, it is because the keyring package’s defaults in your particular environment require encrypted password-based credential storage. You can configure this your needs by following the keyring documentation.